About Me

Lesley Kogan

 My family joke that I “play with mud”.  But I prefer to think that I am exploring the infinite possibilities of a raw material that takes us all closer to the essence of our souls.  After all, according to the Jewish bible, God created the first human from the dust of the earth.   I work on a rather more modest scale!

 I make my own highly personal and functional pottery, an eclectic collection of objects that is constantly growing and changing with the seasons.

 The colours I use are inspired by the seasons and landscapes of this tiny but vibrant land. My whites and greys reflect on Mount Hermon in the north. The many shades of green evoke the fertile areas around the Sea of Galilee. My turquoise and browns recall the barren, silent, spiritually-charged areas of the Negev desert and the Dead Sea.

 I create practical ceramic pieces for everyday use.  Working on the wheel and with slabs, I use speckled cream stoneware clay which I sometimes like to leave exposed, producing a unique design which reminds us of the earth.  I fire in an electric kiln to 1180oC – 1200oC.

 All my glazed pieces are suitable for tableware, and can be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher.


Nov 2014 – “Earth, Water and Fire” – Yad Le’Banim” Ness Zion, Israel

July 2015 – “Nature in Clay” – “Beit HaAm” Ashkelon,