Custom Made

Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Boxes, Customized Items

Original handmade ceramics – Customize your gifts with a company logo

Ceramic Wine Goblets, Kiddish Cups

Happy to collaborate with individuals or companies to create special collections.  Contact me and tell me about your project.

Matza Plate, Kiddish Cups, Wine Goblets
Passover Gift Boxes
Seder Plates, Passover Gifts,
Seder Plates and Kiddish Cups
Dinner Plates, Ceramic Plates
Custom Order Ceramic Dinner Plates for Restaurant
Abstract Landscape, Plate, Dish
Commission for local municipality
Tiles, Ceramic Signage, Company Signs
Tile Work Company Signage
Ceramic Sign, Company Signage
Company Signage

Handmade platesModern PotteryPersonalized wedding gifts

If you are interested in any of my designs or would like to receive more information I can be reached  HERE:

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