Original handcrafted ceramic knobs. Designing a new kitchen/bathroom, or just want to upgrade your cabinet doors? I have a wide selection of knobs and I am happy to collaborate with you on any special requirements. .

Glass Knobs

A collection of original handmade ceramic knobs with recycled glass inlay.  I use a mixture of bottle glass, beach glass and Roman glass in my work, making each piece unique.

Glass Knobs Recycled Glass, Ceramic Knobs, Door Decor, Door Hardware
Glass Door Knobs

See more glass knob designs in my Etsy shop

Ceramic Knobs

A collection of ceramic knobs, cabinet knobs, door decor.  Each item is handmade, on the potter’s wheel and available in a variety of designs/colours.

Drawer Pulls

Handmade ceramic knobs, and pull handles, in a wide range of colours and designs. Bespoke items available.

Knobs and Pulls Dead Sea
Dead Sea Collection

My latest custom orders:

” 18 beautiful, one-of-a-kind knobs on three pieces of furniture. I love them!…”

For more designs visit my Etsy shop, or if you have a question or are interested in a custom order contact me here:

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