Bring Spring into your Home….

April is here and nature is blooming into new life and colour. It is also the time to brighten up your home.

Declutter your cabinets of all those old chipped and faded mugs and bowls and treat yourself and your home to fun and quirky style statements and something that brings you joy to use. Ceramics is all the rage this Spring

Everyone should have a special mug for that special occasion, that brings extra pleasure to your drinking experience.

Check out some of my latest pieces that can bring some Joie de vivre to your table this Spring then sit back and enjoy your favorite cuppa

Wishing you good health and a colourful Spring

Lesley – Clayismyart

The Joy of Creating

The joy of creating is in everyone and using clay as part of this creative process is exciting and rewarding. 

I have been teaching pottery for the past few years, and have worked with disabled soldiers and currently work with a group of Parkinson patients.  I love the challenge of finding ways to enable these students to create while making sure they are enjoying the process; hand building or working on the wheel. 

I run small introductory pottery workshops, for family or friends.  Having sometimes three generations working and creating together, is not just wonderful to see but also an amazing experience for them all.

At a recent workshop I held for a mother and her 3 boys (ages 7 – 15)  The boys came into my studio with their phones “glued to their hands” and not very keen on relinquishing them.  I got them stuck into the clay immediately making pinch pots and decorating them with stamps and different textures.  We then moved on to work on the potter’s wheel.  Their look of wonder when the ball of clay was transformed into a vessel was a joy to see and they were very keen to give it a go.   

We finished the workshop off with everyone getting a readymade bisque fired pot/mug they were able to decorate and glaze.  They were then placed in the kiln for firing and were ready to collect at a later date. 

They all had a great time and one of them even left without his phone, having to return half an hour later.  He thanked me for the workshop and said how much fun he had had.  It made my day!  

For more information regarding my workshops please contact me.

My studio is located in Ness Ziona, Israel

Spring Time…

Ones visionary sensors are awoken on the arrival of Spring.  After the long hot summer months when everything has been scorched and the landscape is brown.  The winter rains, when they come, revive the dormant seeds.  First casting a green haze over the land and then creating dense green foliage which erupts into colour.  Yellow field marigolds, purple irises, cyclamen, wild garlic, red anomies and poppies and the almond trees bust into bloom.  I can never get enough of its beauty which I try to reflect in some of my work.                         

Rosh Hashanah

Apple dipped in honey is the symbolic food eaten during the Jewish New Year – We dip a slice of apple in honey to express our hopes for a sweet and fruitful year. What a better way to do this than with beautiful handmade ceramics….

Honey dish – Long Platter

Handmade, and individually decorated with under-glazes and a clear transparent glaze (lead free). Suitable for use in dishwasher.

Dip Dish – Honey and Apples
Dip Dish – Colours inspired by the Dead Sea